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The main airport is Taoyuan International Airport. Right around the entrance of the airport, there is a great place to watch the planes land and taxi through the runway.






Follow the signs to immigration or transfer. As you walk through the gates, you can feel Taipei’s humidity. The walk is approximately 10 minutes long, so if you have walking disability, ask for the airline/airport’s assistance. There are heat sensing cameras to detect the temperature of the passengers.  You will need to fill out immigration forms, formally given on the plane, or the forms can be obtained on the counters. Look at signs in the baggage arrivals area for baggage claims and proceed to immigration and customs control. There are currently exchange counters available for you to get Taiwanese currently.



There is MRT transportation to take you out to the city. MRT Service desk is available if you have any questions. There are also Taxis as well. If you want to take the high speed rail, you’ll need to take the bus. MRT takes around 40 minutes from the Airport to Taipei. You can purchase an EasyCard for transportation. The card is good for 20 years. You can charge the card in the convenience store or in the MTR station. Card is good for MTR, bus, train and convenience stores. Scan your card to go through the gates.  The electronic sign on the MTR will tell you where you are. The trip from the airport to Taipei Main station takes approximately 40 minutes. Sit back and enjoy the scenery.  The train has free WiFi and plugs for charging mobile devices. Once you arrive at the station, scan your EasyCard to exit the station.






Terminal 2 (T2). There is a big information desk and staff to help guide lost passengers.  There are a lot of check in counters, with travel accessory shops, mobile networks and Wi-Fi routers. There is a E-VAT sales tax return. There are self service check in machines. The ceiling has some pretty and colorful structures.  It gets quite busy. You could also purchase travel insurance too.



Food count is in T2 Basement.  There is baggage storage and a few restrooms.



To go to Terminal 1 (T1), follow the signs to the Skytrain.  There is information in chinese and english with the schedule of the skytrain – which departs every 5 minutes.  Trolleys are allowed to be taken onto the skytrain.



Terminal 1 is mainly for travel to Europe.  Take the elevator down to Terminal 1 departure hall.  Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon informational desk in this area.  Phillipine airline as well. Air Macus as well as Emirates, as China airlines informational desk. There is also an immigration center in which you could apply for a Visa to extend your visit.



Go down to the food court. You could bring the Trolley along. “Taste of Taiwan Food Court” offers a lot of food selection. Don’t worry, there are departure screens everywhere so you will not miss your flight.  Plenty of seating area and food.  There are Thai, sushi,  Burger king, Ramen and meatballs, and a bakery. Don’t forget the Tapioca (Boba Tea). There are cleaning staff that clean the tables frequently. There are mobile and laptop charging stations. Don’t expect too much from the food court, they are the taste of regular airport food court quality. But there are more selections than the american airports.  



Take the elevator/lift or escalator back to the departure hall. Allow plenty of time as the check in area does get busy and crowded. Head through the sea of people to security. Don’t forget to pour out your water and throw your water bottle away (if you want to) before you go through security. Before security, there is a shop area as well as after security. Plenty of shops around the depart gates to get the last minute souvenirs.  There are also trolleys to allow you to push your carry-ons. Not frequent in European or American airports.  There is a smoker room for the smokers out there. Don’t forget to look at the fancy photo and arts on the wall. If you are lost, look at the map in the area. They even provide you an estimated walk time to get to your destination gate.



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