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We love to travel whenever we could find the time, or when we saved enough money.

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Backpacking Trips

Backpacking is fun - a great way to get close to nature. But, what does it take to prepare for this unique type of travel?

Family Hiking Trips

Nothing beats family time. What are some great easy trails to hike for the parents and kids? Of course, there are hiking trails for the regulars.

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Urban Walk

For the family member that doesn't like hiking trails, there are plenty of urban walk idea - perfect for a day of leisure walk, shop and eat.

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We love to talk about food - its essential!

Why Outdoor Adventure

Going for a walk outdoor offers many benefits.

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Having the luxury to travel is a blessing.

Amazing Things for You

We love to share our planning strategy and travel stories with you, as well as hear and learn from your travel stories.

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