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Canyon Trail, East Ridge and Stream Trail

Craving for a beautiful redwood hike without driving numerous hours from the bay area? Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park will be the perfect spot for you! This regional park is located just several miles from Oakland.

Trail Type: Loop
Miles: 6.4
Trail head: Canyon Meadow Staging Area
Trail Description: (We did the opposite direction of the trail listed in AllTrails because we didn’t want to hike on East Ridge during the hottest time of the day)
Trails that we hiked on:
Canyon View (Steep incline, I had trouble hiking up with a mask on, make sure to take water breaks if necessary)
East Ridge(Exposed, make sure to wear a hat and apply sunblock)
Stream Trail(Redwood Trees)
MISC There are several benches along the East Ridge and Stream Trail, so this is perfect for eating a snack or lunch in the middle of the hike or just sitting down to soak up the surroundings.
Start time and date: August 7, 2020 at 11:40am

Alternative: For a shorter and less steep hike, I recommend hiking Stream Trail so that you can view the Redwood Trees.

Parking: We parked at Redwood Main Entrance (Once you pass the redwood gate entrance, you will find one small parking lot first, if this one is filled, there is a bigger lot several feet away) As you continue driving through the main road, there is one more parking lot in Canyon Meadow Staging Area, but this was closed due to Shelter in place(Check park website before going for the latest parking situation)

An alternative parking spot would be Skyline Gate Staging Area. You can still hike through all three trails, but you would start with either Stream or East Ridge.

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